Bridge a Life is thankful for the following churches that partner with us by providing volunteers, contributing financially to our ministry, sponsoring special events, offering their venue, hosting a parent night out program, collecting donations, offering support, and/or advocating for kids from tough places.

Bayside Community Church
Bayside Community Church is simply a life-giving church dedicated to reaching the unchurched, uncommitted and undecided and helping them become fully devoted followers of Christ.
South Shore Community Church
Everyone is welcome to worship with us through great music and a relevant message from the Bible. Our services have an occasional touch of the arts, and sharing of personal life stories. Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey, Sundays at South Shore is a great place to know God better.

South Shore Community Church exists to Be in community while we Love and Reach our surrounding neighborhood for Christ. Throughout our journey, God has been faithful to us and we continue to seek to be faithful to Him as together, we help people find and follow Jesus Christ.
Harvest United Methodist Church
Imagine a church that feels like home...where the sounds of children bring smiles, you can come as you are, you can be yourself, diversity is embraced, children and youth are valued, and men and women partner in leadership. Harvest is a community of faith where you’ll find open hearts, open minds, and open doors.
Woodland Community Church
We are made up of very real people, from real situations in life, but who are united for worship, discipleship, and service. We are a mission-minded, exciting church located in the Lakewood Ranch community of Bradenton, Florida. If you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself . . . to find purpose and meaning in life, then join us as we seek to be a part of God's unfolding plan.
Sarasota Christian Church
We are a church committed to "Pursuing Jesus … Transforming Lives"
We believe the Five Pursuits (Romans 12:1-2) should be the mark of every disciple. If each member is pursuing these five activities, we will be transforming lives: our lives, others’ lives. In order to transform the most lives for the kingdom of God, as a church, we must all pursue Jesus in these five ways:
Attend Service, Belong to a Life Group, Serve the Church, Give to God, Invite Others.
Bethel Mennonite Church
Our church doors are wide open to people of all backgrounds regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey. So whether you are a new believer or a committed Christian, you can find a home here at Bethel Mennonite Church. Our mission statement is,"Following Jesus...Discipling the believer...Introducing Christ to our world"
Shoreline Church
Shoreline Church is a new church that seeks to intersect the Gospel and grace of Jesus Christ with a lost and needy world. At Shoreline, there is a depth of community and Bible teaching. We meet Sundays at the Lakewood Ranch YMCA. Learn more on our website
Grace Community Church
Grace Community Church is a non-denominational church that centers on having a real and vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. If you are looking for a fun, real, non-traditional, life changing, applicable to life church that ministers to the entire family, then Grace Community Church might just be the place for you!
The Bridge Church, Venice
Our mission at The Bridge Church is to see every man, woman, and child transformed into a passionate, devoted, follower of Jesus Christ. We are a modern, relevant, Bible based church that ministers to the whole family. Our church is made up of people of all ages and from all walks of life who are seeking to follow Jesus and represent Him to the world around them.
Alliance Church
At Alliance our mission is "to be Loving. Growing. Going."
We have seven values that drive everything we do!
1. Loved People Love
2. We’re Better Together
3. We Take Next Steps
4. Growth Equals Change
5. We’re Owners Not Renters
6. Found People Find People
7. We Get To Give
Central Church of Christ
Our vision is to lead people into an authentic and maturing relationship with God the Father Through Jesus.
New Life Lutheran
At New Life Lutheran Church, we are people who want to discover more of God and His purpose in our lives. We are excited to offer you and your family relevant, high-quality worship services, classes, groups, and activities for all ages and stages of life. We are a warm, friendly church. In the midst of facing the challenges of life, New Life Lutheran Church is a place where you will find hope and help. We want the best advice we can get, but sometimes we need help in knowing where or how to find it. We want to point you in the right direction, which is in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and to the best source of direction, the Bible. 
North River Church
North River Church is passionate about helping people KNOW Jesus as Savior, GROW in their relationship with Him, and GO tell others about Him.
Sarasota House Church
Our story is one of transformation. We believe in Jesus and water baptism for the forgiveness of sins. Our story is about loving the Bible and trying to restore our worship to fit God’s vision for His church! We believe in daily Lordship and one another relationships!
First Sarasota, The Downtown Baptist Church
We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and is without errors. We believe in the incarnation of God in Jesus Christ. We believe in the Holy Trinity. We believe in the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ, that He was resurrected bodily from the grave and that He will come again. We believe in the sanctity of human life from conception to death. We believe all people must be saved from sin. We believe we are called to share the gospel message with all people.
FBC Palmetto
To develop missionaries who will share Christ's love with our community and beyond.
The Church at Bradenton
The Church at Bradenton is a multi-generational congregation made up of individuals and families who are interested in being the church in our world. Whether you're hungry or hurt, lonely or lost, full of questions, or looking for a church home, there's a place for you at The Church at Bradenton.
Westside Christian
Most of us are looking for a safe place to explore our faith. Westside Christian Church is that place. If you are curious about what type of people attend Westside, just show up and see...
Church of Palms
We believe that love, purpose and belonging are the foundations of a life well-lived. You have gifts and talents that are unique to you, and we’re here to walk with you as you explore how you might best share those gifts with the world. And in this effort to bring you closer to God, we’re committed to supporting and encouraging the development of rich and meaningful relationships; both new and existing relationships that can stand the test of time and challenging seasons. Whether it’s through a small group, a volunteer opportunity or a fitness class, we are here to cheer you on.
Christ UMC Venice
The United Methodist Church is an 11-million-strong global church that opens hearts, opens doors and opens minds through active engagement with our world.
Oasis Church
Sunday mornings are a great time to come and see what we are about here at Oasis. We aim to create an inviting and engaging experience where anyone can find a safe place to be LOVED, GROW, and SERVE. Our goal is to help everyone who comes to Oasis know God, find freedom, discover their purpose and make a difference.