Impactful Support for Foster & Adoptive Families

Every child deserves a family and every family deserves support.
Bridge A Life

Fully-equipped families can bring healing and generational change…

We understand the daily joys and struggles of parenting. Sometimes the amount of needs and stress can be overwhelming. So, whether it’s providing meals, practical training, or safe and professional childcare for a night out, we support and equip foster and adoptive parents as they impact the lives of their children.

1143 children...

Are in out-of-home care in Sarasota, Manatee & Desoto Counties.
December 2017, Sarasota Safe Children Coalition
“We expected people to say we were crazy, instead people offered to babysit and bring us groceries! We want every family that says yes to foster care or adoption to feel the same level of support that we felt. To be loved on and cared for by the community.”
BaL staff member & adoptive mom