Impactful Support for Foster & Adoptive Families

Every child deserves a family and every family deserves support.
Bridge A Life

Fully-equipped families can bring healing and generational change…

We understand the daily joys and struggles of parenting. Sometimes the amount of needs and stress can be overwhelming. So, whether it’s providing meals, practical training, or safe and professional childcare for a night out, we support and equip foster and adoptive parents as they impact the lives of their children.

1143 children...

Are in out-of-home care in Sarasota, Manatee & Desoto Counties.
December 2017, Sarasota Safe Children Coalition

Help for Families

We believe that well-supported families are successful families. That’s why we provide services and training opportunities to help adoptive and foster parents win the day! Here are a few ways we do that…
Adoption Assistance
Adoption can be an expensive endeavor, so we offer financial assistance whenever possible to families seeking to adopt.
Free Meals
Just received a child or need help? The Stew Crew team coordinates, prepares, and delivers free meals to foster and adoptive families.
Home Repairs
Small home repairs you can’t afford to make? Need a room renovated to take a placement? Our Hammer Time team will fix you up.
Special Events
From our Super Hero 5K to our Annual Fundraiser Dinner, we offer creative events that raise awareness and funding to help families.
Parents' Night Out
Drop off your children for a few fun-filled hours with our safe, professional team and enjoy an evening out. Free childcare on us!
Education & Training
Get practical training on how to parent and support children from hard places through our monthly gathering and ETC Conference.
Ladies' Night Out
Foster or adoptive moms… join us every first Friday at a restaurant for ongoing support and encouragement in a relaxed setting.
Prayer Requests
No matter what your needs are, the Bridge a Life Team would love to pray for you. Submit your request and we'll support you in prayer.

How To Get Involved

Not everyone is called to be a foster or adoptive parent, but we think everyone has something to offer. If you feel compelled to serve families or raise awareness, here are a few ways you can get involved…
Please consider giving to our ongoing efforts. We will use the funds wisely to fulfill our mission to support foster and adoptive families.
Make/Deliver Meals
Join our Stew Crew to prepare and/or deliver meals to foster and adoptive families in times of need.
Assist with Home Repairs
Paint a wall or swing a hammer for a good cause! Consider helping with simple home repairs on our Hammer Time team.
Serve at Events
From our Annual Super Hero 5K to our ongoing trainings and events, we always need some extra hands to help us serve.
Provide Childcare
One of the biggest ways we help foster and adoptive families is by providing safe, professional childcare at our events and trainings.
Offer Hospitality
Whether you’re an organizer that enjoys planning events, or love hosting, we’ve got a place for you to serve.
“We expected people to say we were crazy, instead people offered to babysit and bring us groceries! We want every family that says yes to foster care or adoption to feel the same level of support that we felt. To be loved on and cared for by the community.”
BaL staff member & adoptive mom

COVID-19 Response

Every aspect of your family’s health is important to us. Here's how things at Bridge a Life are changing to keep you safe and supported.

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