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Kristen Bohan, Pediatric OTR

Bridge a Life is happy to partner with Kristen AE Bohan Inc. Kristen offers occupational therapy services for children with a focus on developing a whole child's physical, emotional, and executive skills. She works to conquer the profound effects of trauma on both emotional and physical levels. Kristen is able to provide clinical skills, family education, sensory/reflex integration, generalization into swim/yoga/horseback/sports to help children have well rounded and interactive success.

Kristen can be reached at:
phone 941-545-3744
fax 888-411-9766
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
office manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Grace C. Henry

Grace C. Henry (Grace Jean-Pierre) is the founder of The Healing Grace Project. She has a passion for addressing trauma and mental health at multiple levels. She is a trauma-informed trainer and a certified Youth Mental Health First Aid instructor who has trained teachers, law enforcement officers, therapist, registered nurses, and other community members. She has coordinated with various systems like the FBI, Air Force, and county school boards on behalf of survivors of trauma. In addition to her professional experience, Grace is also a survivor of trauma. She founded The Healing Grace Project to, "change the world by impacting individuals, organizations and systems for the healing, safety, and justice of survivors of trauma." The slogan is: “The grace to heal and the power to change the world.”

A Family Support Coach promotes healthy family dynamics by helping families identify their goals, and provides individualized support and tools to help them meet their needs. A coach is not a therapist, but a partner that empowers all the members of the family to be a part of the healing process.

Recommended Books

The Connected Parent: Real-Life Strategies for Building Trust and Attachment

by Lisa Qualls

Childhood Disrupted: How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology, and How You Can Heal

No-Drama Discipline: The Whole-Brain Way to Calm the Chaos and Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind

by Dr. Daniel Siegel

The Whole Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind

by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson

The Yes Brain: How to Cultivate Courage, Curiosity, and Resilience in Your Child

by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson

Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain

by Daniel J. Siegel MD

Parenting from the Inside Out: How a Deeper Self-Understanding Can Help You Raise Children Who Thrive

by Daniel J. Siegel and Mary Hartzell

The Connected Child: Bring hope and healing to your adoptive family

by Karyn B. Purvis, David R. Cross, Wendy Lyons Sunshine

Anatomy of the Soul: Surprising Connections between Neuroscience and Spiritual Practices That Can Transform Your Life and Relationships

by Curt Thompson

Parenting Is Your Highest Calling: And Eight Other Myths That Trap Us In Worry and Guilt

by Leslie Leyland Fields

Nurturing Adoptions: Creating Resilience after Neglect and Trauma

by Leslie Leyland Fields

Wounded Children, Healing Homes: How Traumatized Children Impact Adoptive and Foster Families

by Jayne Schooler, Betsy Keefer Smalley, Timothy Callahan

The Out-of-Sync Child: Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Processing Disorder

by Carol Kranowitz

Safe House: How Emotional Safety Is the Key to Raising Kids Who Live, Love, and Lead Well

by Joshua Straub

Discipline That Connects With Your Child's Heart: Building Faith, Wisdom, and Character in the Messes of Daily Life

by Jim Jackson

Recommended Children's Books

The Penguin and the Fine-Looking Fish

by Cindy Lee

The Redo Roo

by Cindy Lee

Doggie Doesn’t No Know

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Your Fantastic Elastic Brain

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William Wobbly and the Very Bad Day

by Sarah Naish, Rosie Jefferies, Amy Farrell

Charlie Chatty and the Wiggly Worm

by Sarah Naish, Rosie Jefferies, Amy Farrell

Sophie Spikey Has a Very Big Problem

by Sarah Naish, Rosie Jefferies

The Feelings Book

by Todd Parr

We Belong Together

by Todd Parr

Rosie's Family

by Lori Rosove, Heather Burrill

Shaoey and Dot: Bug Meets Bundle (one in a series)

by Mary Beth Chapman, Steven Curtis Chapman, Jim Chapman

My Mouth is a Volcano

by Julia Cook

What Should Danny Do?

by Ganit and Adir Levy

Unstoppable Me

by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Flight School

by Lita Judge

Maybe God Is Like That Too

by Jennifer Grant

Thanks for the Feedback... I Think?

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The Most Magnificent Thing

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What Do You Do With a Chance?

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